Black Fridye is hijacking Black Friday to lead a sustainable fashion movement. By 2030, the fashion industry is projected to output 15% of all global carbon emissions. Clearly, this isn’t sustainable. By redying your clothes, Black Fridye makes it easy for you to love your clothes longer and do your bit for Mother Earth in the process.

We worked with Black Fridye to design a brand and website that helps everyone make an impact.


What we did

We helped Black Fridye solve 3 crucial problems



Black Fridye is a project by sustainable fashion brand Citizen Wolf. We helped them establish a stand-alone brand strategy for Black Fridye.



From an in-house side project look to a motivational brand that enabled Black Fridye to bring on brand partners and scale their impact.



We created a design system and suite of visual assets the Black Fridye team use to easily maintain a consistent brand experience.



increase in pieces dyed since launching the new brand compared to the previous year


average reduction in carbon emissions compared to buying new clothes

2021 AGDA awards
Best in Show — Distinction winner
Design For Good — Environmental Responsibility  — Pinnacle winner




The brand strategy was built around the idea of hijacking Black Friday to encourage people to think about their buying choices and the impact they have on the planet, instead of mindlessly consuming stuff because it’s on sale.



All sales language and design around this time of year looks the same, right? 50% off this. 50% off that. We took this existing aestheic, and fliped it on its head. The recycled feel of the brand further represents Black Fridye’s attitude and product offering.

Hand drawn and black ink elements are used to make it feel like someone has drawn over existing sales marketing.

The dye in Black Fridye is hand drawn with black ink to emphasise the word and visually link the logo to the dyeing of the clothes

We worked with photographer Peter Van Alphen to build an image library for that helped explain the dyeing process and add a human element to the brand



We designed a brand system that makes it easy for Black Fridye's team to build awareness by ensuring their brand identity is applied consistently across their ecommerce website and marketing materials.

Core visual elements from Black Fridye's brand palette

Branded elements applied to Black Fridye's ecommerce website

Custom icons that incorporate the logo visual language

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