Spriggy is Australia’s most loved pocket money app and card, with over 500,000 members. It's a hands on way for parents to teach their kids the practical money skills they need for life.

We worked with Spriggy to level up their brand and product design. Together we built an energetic brand that connects with family members of all ages and is ready for Spriggy's next stage of growth.


Financial Wellness

What we did

We helped Spriggy solve 3 crucial problems



From a strategy that lived in the minds of the founders to a clearly documented brand strategy the growing team can live by.



From a bootstrapped startup look to a polished brand that unites Spriggy's product and marketing and scales across new products.



From a fragmented design to an easy-to-use design system Spriggy's team use to speed up their work.



Since launching the new brand Spriggy has secured $35m in series B funding, led by NAB Ventures and Grok Ventures.


growth in memberships since launching the new brand

2021 AGDA Awards
Brand Identity — Small Business
Merit winner

“For Good’s work has been pivotal in enabling our business to reach it’s next stage of growth. 
It has transformed our whole business.”

Alex Badran
Spriggy Co-founder



We ran a series of workshops and spoke to Spriggy's members to gain a deep understanding of the business and why it matters. We distilled this into a clear brand strategy that's built around the central idea of simplifying family life.

Brand Strategy workshops with Spriggy's leadership team



Spriggy's new brand captures their energetic personality and is designed to speak to family members of all ages. We evolved the most loved elements of their existing brand to create a refined identity that enables Spriggy to deliver a delightful experience across both digital and physical worlds.

Together with typographer Wells Collins, we designed a custom logotype that is friendly and sprightly.

Custom logotype work in progress

Spriggy's new piggy bank logo

A modern update for Spriggy's piggy bank logo

Brand posters

Welcome pack and pre-paid card design

Advertising that uses light hearted humour to connect with parents

Office swag

We worked with illustrator Marco Palmieri to develop playful illustrations that add a personal touch to the brand

Earn illustration

Save illustration

Spend illustration



Working closely with Spriggy's product team, we applied the new brand to the Spriggy app and delivered robust brand and UX/UI guidelines. The new design system makes it easy for Spriggy's team to scale the brand and product consistently and efficiently.

UI elements from the Figma based UX/UI design system

Branded UI from Spriggy's core product

Custom icons that incorporate the logo visual language

Brand guidelines as a website

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